Unlocking Potential: Friends of Ronzls Foundation’s Summer Computer Literacy Project Empowers Pupils for Success

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Summer Computer Literacy Project

Unlocking Potential: Friends of Ronzls Foundation’s Summer Computer Literacy Project Empowers Pupils for Success

The Friends of Ronzls Foundation recently concluded its 2023 Summer Computer Literacy Project, which aimed to make pupils computer literate, build learners’ confidence, and encourage a desire for academic excellence. The project benefited 234 pupils from 18 government primary schools in Sagamu.

The summer computer class kicked off with the registration of over 200 learners from the beneficiary schools. Parents, teachers, and the Sagamu Local Government Education Authority Secretary were present to show their support. Throughout the project, a total of 233 learners were registered, with an average of 210 learners participating each day.

The three-week program took place at Ayinde’s Computer Room, located at St. Paul Primary School in Ijoku, Sagamu, Ogun State. The learners were introduced to a variety of computer skills, including the uses of a computer, keyboard functions, effective typing using the software “MAVIS BEACON,” and word processing using Microsoft Word.

To ensure the learners retained their knowledge, a short test was conducted towards the end of the program. A total of 152 learners participated, with 51 of them passing. To encourage excellence, all participants received a tote bag as a gift.

The overall winners of the test, Zaccheaus Nmachukwu from St. Paul Pry School 1 Ijoku, Akinlawon Moyinoluwa from St. Paul’s Pry School Ayepe, and Ajibolu Oluwafemi from Local Government Pry Sch II Makun, achieved a perfect score of 100 points.

The Friends of Ronzls Foundation is proud of the success of the Summer Computer Literacy Project and the positive impact it has had on the learners. By equipping them with computer skills, building their confidence, and fostering a desire for academic excellence, the foundation believes it is contributing to their future success.

The foundation expresses its gratitude to all the parents, teachers, and volunteers who supported the project. Their dedication and commitment made it possible for the learners to acquire valuable computer literacy skills.

As the Summer Computer Literacy Project comes to an end, the Friends of Ronzls Foundation remains committed to providing educational opportunities and empowering young learners in Sagamu.

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