Rising Stars: Celebrating Knowledge and Excellence at the Friends of Ronzls Foundation Annual Quiz and Spelling Bee Competition 4.0 (2024 Grand Finale)

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Rising Stars: Celebrating Knowledge and Excellence at the Friends of Ronzls Foundation Annual Quiz and Spelling Bee Competition 4.0 (2024 Grand Finale)

The Friends of Ronzls Foundation Annual Quiz and Spelling Bee Competition 4.0 (2024 Grand Finale) themed “Rising Stars: Celebrating Knowledge and Excellence” was a resounding success, held on Tuesday, July 9th, 2024, at the School Hall, St. Paul Primary School, Ijoku, Sagamu. This much-anticipated event brought together twelve exceptional finalists who emerged as the top three winners from each zone in the preliminary rounds, which saw the participation of 48 schools and 192 enthusiastic contestants.


The competition encompassed a wide array of subjects, including English Language, Mathematics, Science, Spelling Bee, Information & Communication Technology, and General Knowledge/Current Affairs. These categories tested the students’ knowledge, critical thinking, and quick wit, showcasing their academic prowess.



The event was graced by distinguished guests, including Oba Musiliu Oriyomi Soile, Radanuwa of Idado-Sagamu and the Royal Father of the Friends of Ronzls Foundation; Mrs. Ola Sulaimon, founder of the Friends of Ronzls Foundation; and Dr. Royhaan Folarin, Ph.D., FASLN, a Neuroscientist and Lecturer at the Department of Anatomy, Olabisi Onabanjo University. Representatives from Sagamu Education boards, head teachers of various schools, and other notable dignitaries also honored the occasion with their presence.


In her welcome address, Mrs. Ola Sulaimon expressed heartfelt appreciation to the Friends of Ronzls team for their relentless efforts in organizing the competition. She lauded the finalists for their dedication and academic excellence, emphasizing the importance of education in shaping a brighter future. Mrs. Sulaimon also announced the release of the Learners Handbook, a comprehensive guide containing likely questions and words bank to help students prepare for future competitions. This valuable resource was distributed to all finalists, their teachers, and students who have not yet reached Primary 6.



Oba Musiliu Oriyomi Soile, in his speech, commended Mrs. Ola Sulaiman for spearheading such an impactful educational program. He congratulated the finalists and urged all learners to take their education seriously, highlighting its significance in achieving personal and professional success. In a generous gesture, he announced cash prizes for the top three winners: fifty thousand naira for the first place, thirty thousand naira for the second place, and twenty thousand naira for the third place as additional prizes alongside the Friends of Ronzls Foundation prizes.



Dr. Royhaan Folarin delivered an inspiring keynote address on the theme “Rising Stars: Celebrating Knowledge and Excellence.” He emphasized the importance of academic knowledge and skills in shaping a promising future and encouraged the students to continue striving for excellence. His speech was a beacon of motivation, illustrating the potential each learner possesses to become a shining star.


The competition reached its climax with the announcement of the winners. Wusu Anuoluwapo from Ansar Urdeen Pry School, Makun clinched the first position, Adekomaya Bamidele from St. Collumcilles Cath, Nur. & Pry School, Offin secured the second position, and Osho Oluwademilade from St. Paul School, Alagbo took the third position. The presentation of prizes to these outstanding students was a moment of pride and joy for all present.



Special recognition awards were also given, and certificates of participation were distributed to all participating schools and finalists, acknowledging their hard work and dedication.


The event concluded with a vote of thanks delivered by Osidele Babatunde, the team lead of the Friends of Ronzls Foundation. He expressed gratitude to everyone who contributed to the success of the competition, from the organizers to the participants and the esteemed guests.


The Friends of Ronzls Foundation Annual Quiz and Spelling Bee Competition 4.0 was not just a contest but a celebration of knowledge, excellence, and the limitless potential of young minds. As the participants return to their schools, they carry with them not only prizes and certificates but also the invaluable experience of competing at such a prestigious event. The foundation’s commitment to fostering education and excellence in young learners remains steadfast, promising even more remarkable events in the future.

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