Stepping into a Brighter Future: Friends of Ronzls Foundation’s Soles for Little Souls School Sandals Distribution Project 2023

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Stepping into a Brighter Future: Friends of Ronzls Foundation’s Soles for Little Souls School Sandals Distribution Project 2023

The Friends of Ronzls Foundation’s Soles For Little Souls School Sandals Distribution Project commenced on a sunny Tuesday, October 3, 2023, and concluded on Wednesday, October 18, 2023 with the noble goal of spreading smiles and comfort among young students in Sagamu.

Our mission was crystal clear: to bring joy and comfort to the lives of students in 30 different primary schools in Sagamu by providing them with the essential school sandals they needed. Our primary focus was on those pupils whose parents faced challenges affording new sandals for their children.

In total, we distributed 2000 school sandals to these young learners, making an incredible impact on their lives.

The distribution process was meticulously planned and organized. We collaborated closely with school authorities, ensuring the distribution took place during school hours. This partnership helped us provide the right sizes and styles to each child, making the process smooth and efficient.

At the helm of this inspiring initiative was our founder, Ola Sulaimon, who personally led the distribution efforts. Alongside her, the dedicated members of the Friends of Ronzls Foundation and compassionate teachers from the schools lent their hands to make this project a success.

However, no endeavor is without its challenges. During our distribution, we encountered an unexpected shortage of specific sandal sizes. When this obstacle arose, we promptly visited local markets to purchase additional sandals, guaranteeing that every child received the school sandals they needed.

The Friends of Ronzls Soles For Little Souls School Sandals Distribution Project is more than a charitable act; it’s a testament to the power of community and the enduring spirit of giving. It underscores the significance of supporting the education of less privileged children and demonstrates the dedication and resilience of individuals like Ola Sulaimon and the Friends of Ronzls Foundation.

As our project concluded on Wednesday, October 18, 2023, it left behind countless smiles and a lasting impact on the lives of many young students. With their new school sandals, these children are not only more comfortable but also more confident as they step into a brighter future. This initiative serves as a heartwarming reminder that small acts of kindness can create a ripple of positive change. Together, as a community, we can make a significant difference in the lives of those who need it most.


Below is the breakdown of primary schools in Sagamu, Ogun State that received sandals during the Soles For Little Souls School Sandals Distribution Project, along with the number of shoes they received.

St Paul 1, Ijoku                72

St Paul 2, Ijoku                44

AC School, Ijoku               63

St Paul 1, Makun             68

St Paul 2, Makun             62

St Paul 3, Makun             66

UAMC School, Eleja        72

Oba Adeniyi Sonariwo   117

St. Paul Sch., Aiyepe       57

AC School, Apelogun      47

St Columcilles, Offin       84

LG Pry. Sch., Makun       66

Special Sch., Makun       81

Sokoya Mem. Makun     51

LG School 1, Sabo           73

LG School 2, Sabo           64

LG School 3, Sabo           55

AUD School, Makun       58

LG School 1, Ijagba         63

LG School 2, Ijagba         49

AUD Sch.,Isale Oko         67

St. Paul Ofin-Alagbo       137

St Paul Sch., Simawa      86

LG School 1, Temidire    63

LG School 2, Temidire    61

Wesley School 1, Oko     44

Wesley School 2, Oko     55

Wesley Sch., Soyindo     57

Wesley Sch., Ojumele    61

Zumuratul, Ojumele       57

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